Monday, 9 December 2013

(Christmas Movie List) Day 5

I didn't feel that good today, so I got Ebola, Red and White and cuddled with them on my sofa after work, switched on the computer got some DVDs/BlueRays out and watched some Movies.

At first I finished watching Die Hard because I didn't yesterday night. I was way too tired to be completely devoted to that masterpiece of Christmas-ly art. So I drank my herbal tea and enjoyed myself. The next  movie on the list was A Miracle on 34th Street. The perfect movie to finish knitting the Christmas present for my grandmother. And now my mood cries for Bridget Jones Diary The Last Unicorn. Perfect movie for me right now. Unfortunately I can't watch Love... Actually this week for the disc is at my parents, so I just wait for the weekend to appear.

I hope my mum decides to pick me up from Chemnitz on Saturday afternoon so we both can go to the Christmasmarket here. I love the medieval themed one. ...

Off I am for Bridget. I hope I will get the guy I love also. Damn I was a fool for not telling him, and now he has a girlfriend. I hate it, hate it, hate it... especially me, for being such a stupid girl.

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