Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Avocado Banana Mouse

Ok, I found this recipe on the internet. Which is great because usually there is nothing there. There is a site called youtube, where, apparently, people post videos.  On that site there is a channel called Tastemade, great channel and there is one section called "raw.vegan.not gross." So here's the deal. I saw some of the videos there and one of them suggested mixing avocado with cocoa for a sweet treat. AVOCADO! I like avocado, but sweet?! So I tried it and it is actually good, I mean it. It's good. It is quite rich and filling I totally skip a dish for that!  I've done this recipe twice now and then I had to get rid of a nearly over-ripe banana, so I just added it to the recipe and what to say.  It also tastes good. So here you go with the recipe.
You can find the original one here.


1 ripe Avocado
1 ripe Banana
6-8 teaspoons unsweetened cocoa powder
1 dash soy sauce
Agave or Maple syrup

How to:

Blend Avocado and Banana until smooth, add the soysauce, agavesyrup (be careful if the banana is really ripe you will need less, besides you can add more later on), keep blending. Now carefully add the cocoa powder and keep blending, it has to be really smooth.

Try a bit, if it's not sweet enough add more syrup until it is perfect for you.

This is not completely raw. 1st: I have to finish up my 'normal' soy sauce before I buy raw one. 2nd: I am not sure if there is any raw cocoa powder available in Germany, well maybe but not in my region. BUT I used organic and fairtrade ingredients only (well the cocoa powder was 98% fair trade, best offer I could get), so at least that one is good (except for my soy sauce, oh boy it's hard to be a good person sometimes, but where to find organic soy sauce? where? maybe at the supermarket?).  Although I don't know if it is really good to buy avocados in Germany because they are most likely flown in, anyhow.

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